Guidelines, Terms and Conditions for Posting in the Latado Forums

If you have questions about Vietnam and need a local expert’s advice, then you’ve come to the right place. Use our forum to post your questions or to share your knowledge. We encourage participation in the forums, but we do ask that you adhere to a few guidelines.

  1. encourages active forum discussions. Controversial topics may be discussed as long as discussions are reasonable and adhere to other terms and conditions as outlined below.
  2. We reserve the right to reject any forum posting for any reason if we believe that it does not meet the required guidelines. We want all members to feel welcome and safe, and we do ask that all members respect the spirit of our forum. We will do our best to keep the removal of posts to a minimum, but we will remove any post we determine is necessary in order to keep our forums helpful, welcoming and conducive to active discussions.
  3. You must be at least 18 years old to post in the forums.
  4. You must be logged in, with a registered, verified email address, in order to post to the forum.
    1. If there is a problem with your post, we need to be able to contact you.
  5. Please respect your fellow forum members.
  6. Avoid the use of any profanity or inappropriate language.
    1. Being unhappy is ok, but making personal attacks or prejudicial statements is not.
    2. Posts may not include any slurs based on race, nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
  7. Flaming – posting or responding in a way intended to incite arguments, or to insult other members – is not permitted.
  8. Defamation – making false statements against another individual, which could cause that individual harm – is not permitted.
  9. Posts need to be on-topic and not posted with the intention of disrupting normal discussion or be construed as inflammatory.
  10. Please do not include “cut and paste” excerpts from copyrighted material except as permitted by international law. You may use a hyperlink to a website as long as it is pertinent to the discussion.
  11. Please be polite and avoid using ALL CAPS. You may be trying to emphasize a point, but shouting is not good etiquette.
  12. is an apolitical discussion forum, meaning that we take an unbiased position in regard to political matters in Vietnam and elsewhere. Discussions about politics in any forum should be kept to a minimum. Lobbying for any kind of political action is strictly not allowed. Asking a question is fine; attempts at inciting political action are not.
  13. Posting extremely negative views of Vietnam or the Vietnamese people is not allowed.
  14. Postings regarding bypassing government blocking of websites are not allowed.
  15. Postings promoting or inciting illegal activities, including but not limited to illicit drugs, gambling, fake goods (bootlegs and copies), pornography and prostitution, are not allowed.
  16.  Promoting your product or business is not allowed, including spam, promotional links, or URLs to a member’s personal business. If you would like to post a link, URL or address to your business, you must be an advertiser and have had prior authorization from
  17. You may post phone numbers, email addresses, business names, networking contacts and other personal information in your member profile page if desired. However, this information may not be included in a forum post.
  18. Sending spam to other forum members by private message (PM) or email is expressly forbidden. You will be permanently banned from the forum and may be subject to legal action.
  19. If you would like to receive a private message from a forum member, ask that member to leave you a private message (PM). Do not display your email address in your post to prevent potential spam problems. accepts no responsibility in the event that you receive spam as a result of making your email address public.
  20. Do not use to post any material that can be reasonably construed as false, inaccurate, or an invasion of a person’s privacy.
    1. Do not post personal messages sent to you from other forum members.
    2. Do not post other members’ personal details, photographs or web site details.
  21. Do not post links to take the user to a website that contains objectionable material, including websites promoting pornography, prostitution, pyramid schemes, requests for donations or the sharing of pirated material.
  22. If you use someone else’s post in your reply, do not modify their post by altering their wording, adding emoticons or changing the font or color of their original post.
  23. Posting about advertisements appearing on is not allowed.
  24. Do not discuss the individual actions of a moderator or specifics on the general policies and issues of this forum. You may send a private message (PM) to the moderator to discuss individual actions or send an email to to discuss moderation policy.
  25. Do not create multiple accounts in Any member found to have more than one account on the forum will be banned from using the forum.
  26. All questions, comments and opinions expressed in the forums are written by Latado members and are in no way construed to be the opinions of We do not endorse or condone any opinions expressed in the forum.
  27. makes no claim of responsibility as to the accuracy of any member’s post in this forum. Any information exchanged between forum members is solely the responsibility of those individuals.
  28. All advice voluntarily provided by any forum member is provided free of charge as well as liability.
  29. Forum members may not solicit donations or gifts in exchange for providing advice to visitors and members on this website. You agree to release from any responsibility for information found using Internet links posted on the forum, including links provided by our advertisers.
  30. Messages or threads that do not meet the above guidelines are subject to closure or removal at the sole discretion of
  31. Members who do not adhere to the above guidelines are subject to banning at the sole discretion of the management of
  32. Members who have been banned from the forum who have been found creating additional accounts will be banned immediately.
  33. Postings for jobs, housing, hotels or classifieds should not be posted to the forum. Please see the specific areas of the website for posting these items.
  34. For more information, visit our privacy guidelines and terms of service.
  35. If you have any questions concerning these guidelines, you may send us an email at

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