Guidelines, Terms and Conditions for Adding a New Location

Any registered user of can enter a new location onto the website. You must be 18 years or older to enter a new location.


A location may be a business, an organization or a physical location (such as a park or lake).


Before adding a new location, first search the database to be sure that the location is not already listed. Duplicate locations will be deleted.


You will need to be logged in to your account before you can enter a new location. To enter a new location, go onto the Locations link from the home page, and then click on “Add a Location.”


You will then be taken to the Add a Location page, where you can enter a description of the location, the contact information, a description and a map to pinpoint the location.


Here’s a few pointers on how to enter a location:


The name of the location is simply the location name. It doesn’t include an address or description – there are places for that information elsewhere on the form. If there is more than one location with the same name, then put the street name in parentheses – for example: Latado (Main Street).


The description should give others a brief idea of what sort of business is at the location. It should be objective, not a review. Please avoid statements such as “We are the best…” If you are the best, it will become apparent quickly as users add reviews about your business!


Only one email address can be entered. Please make sure that there are no spaces and that you are entering a valid email address.


Only one website can be entered. This can be either a company website or a Facebook business page.


Only one telephone number can be listed for the business. No special characters other than hyphens can be used – for example, 84 4 3333-3333.


The address should consist of only the street address of the location. The city and district will be added in the lower part of the form, so there is no need to add it here. Don’t enter directions here - if the location is on a second floor, down an alley or in the back of a building, this information should be entered under “Directions,” and not a part of the address.


  • Next, enter directions to the location. Keep it as brief as possible, but be sure to include enough information so that someone can find the location. If the location is inside a large building, be sure to indicate what floor it is on. If it is located in an alley, this is the place to describe how best to find it. Select the city and district of the location. This information will display on the location’s page 


  • Once you’ve entered the city and district, you may now indicate the position of the location on the map. If you zoom in very closely, you can be quite precise in marking the location, and our readers will appreciate it!


  • To finish completing the main part of the Add a Location form, insert tags, separated by commas, so that others can find your business based on the key words that you’ve entered.


  • Now, you can choose the best category and sub-category for your location. It is important to choose the best category so that others can find out about the location. Depending on the category chosen, a screen may drop down for you to enter additional information about the location. If you can’t decide which category to use, please contact us for assistance.


After this form has been completed, click on the Submit button. You will then be taken to a screen where you may upload a photo of the location. Adding a photo is optional, though it does help to draw reader’s attention to the place. Only one photo per location is allowable with a free listing. Please see Register Your Business with Us if you would like to add additional photos, videos or access other features.


Once the location is entered and approved, you are free to post a review. If you are not the owner of the location, we encourage you to post your personal experiences for the community. Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions for Posting a Review to learn more.


If you are a business owner, you are not permitted to post a review about your business.


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