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Advice on finding a Missing Person

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Post on: 09/04/2013 04:42 PM
Register: 09-04-2013
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I am posting this on behalf of a friend that has a missing family member. Missing person is a Male, 17 Years old, last seen boarding a training from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang. From what we know he never made it to Nha Trang and we are positive that he got on the train. The issue is we do not know if he has been kidnapped or run away. As there is no proof, the police has just issued a report saying he is missing and u can be sure they are not investigating it as Its not listed as a kidnapping as there is no proof (i.e. No request for Ransom). Its even more frightening when there are reports of kids getting drugged and their organs taken to be sold in China. As you can imagine the family is worried sick. His mobile phone is still working and everytime we call its on, sometimes it gets picked up but no one speaks on the other line and it cuts off after awhile. He has been missing for 3 weeks and so far no SMS, no calls, nothing. My question is it possible to get phone records or even get the phone company to find out which tower the signal is coming from to know whereabouts the missing child is? Does anyone work in Mobifone or know anyone in Mobifone that can help? Anyone knows any other way to find out where the child is? Thanks for any advice!

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