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Food you should try when coming to VietNam !

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Post on: 09/09/2013 12:27 AM
Register: 09-08-2013
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Living in Vietnam is very exciting . Not only the scene , but also the food . I think food is a culture . It's like a sound of the Vietnamese soul . I want to share with you about some traditional foods that will make you feel so hard to forget when leaving Vietnam . 

The first traditional food I want to tell you is PHO . Pho  is a Vietnam noodle soup consisting of broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles,  a few herbs, and meat .It is a popular street food in Vietnam . and the specialty of a number of restaurant chains around the world. Pho is primarily served with either beef or chicken . Vietnamese eat Pho everytime they want : like a breakfast , lunch or even in dinner . you can find many restaurant . But , As I know , the most famous address is Pho Bat Dan . There's crowded with peoples and you have to wait around the front till they hand you the bowls . But dont let it bother you because you will know what's really Pho and Why It 's so popular in Vietnam ! 



Post on: 09/10/2013 02:30 AM Register: 09-08-2013
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Hi , I love Bun Cha Ha Noi . Its the first food I try when getting there . My friend told me " visiting Hanoi and eating Bun Cha should be classed as a capital offence " :D Bun cha is served with grilled fatty pork over a plate of white rice noodle and herbs with a side dish of dipping sauce . As I know the first Hanoi’s first bún chả restaurant was on Gia Ngư, Hoàn Kiếm District, in Hanoi's Old Quarter . But I have no chance to come here . But I try it at Bun Cha Dac Kim ( I found it here ( https://www.latado.com/locations-in-hanoi/s512/bun-cha-nem-cua-be-dac-kim ) . It's very good !

Bún chả is popular in the Northern region of Vietnam . In the South, a similar dish of rice vermicelli and grilled meat is called Bun Thit Nuong


Post on: 09/10/2013 08:31 PM Register: 09-10-2013
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How about " Banh Goi " ? It's so yummy !
Post on: 09/11/2013 12:48 AM Register: 09-08-2013
Topic: 4 - Posts: 25
I love Banh Goi too , I often eat them at Ly Quoc Su street , It nestled under a banyan tree near St Joseph Cathedral . There're vermicelli , mushrooms and moreish deep-fried pastries crammed with pork . This humble stall is very crowded so you have to wait . It looks like a mini pillow . So lovely
Post on: 09/11/2013 12:35 AM Register: 09-08-2013
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Looking this picture makes me feel hungry now . yummy lovely Banh Goi !:)

Post on: 09/12/2013 11:51 PM Register: 09-08-2013
Topic: 5 - Posts: 31
Dont forget " Xôi " ! Xôi is the most popular traditional food after Pho .
Post on: 09/12/2013 11:14 PM Register: 09-10-2013
Topic: 1 - Posts: 8
What's XOi ? I've never tried before :*) What's made from ?
Post on: 09/12/2013 11:48 PM Register: 09-08-2013
Topic: 5 - Posts: 31
Xoi is a sweet or savory Vietnamese dish made from glutinous rice and other ingredients. Although it is often served as a dessert, in many mountainous areas in Vietnam, like the indigenous hill tribe peoples of the central highlands and mountains in northern Vietnam, people eat xôi as a main dish. Xôi is a common on-the-go breakfast item, and a popular snack nationwide. Here some images for you to know it

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