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Da Nang Sailing Festival

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Post on: 09/12/2013 07:06 PM
Register: 09-12-2013
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   According to ancestors, the ancients held boat racing festival in early days of spring to clear the rivers with the desire to pray for good weather. Village winning the race that year would be lucky and thrive. Since ancient times, even in the fierce war or peacetime, boat racing had become common practice in the early days of year.One week before the festival, people in the village gather to discuss preparations for sailing festival or visit and encourage children to practice.Each village has a team of young men from 18-35 years old. The maximum number of people in each team is 30 including boatman, holding beat and swimmer. Fund is set up by the villagers.In these moments, all Hoa Hiep commune seem not to sleep, living area in any hamlet also turns on the light, they gather here to cheer, talk about strategy, and evaluate the other village’s boat. However, any village also asserts that their boat will win first prize.

    In the early morning, when the elders and the strongest man go to the river bank, stand on the bow and burn incense to pray for a good weather, all people gather at the two sides of the river. People from Thuy Tu, Kim Lien, Nam O ... get up very early to find for themselves the most favorable position to see the race.

   When releasing the order of departure, the boats rush forward immediately, both sides of the Cu De River are indescribable in cheers and the sound of the drum, gong. Thousands of eyes direct toward the surface of the river. At that time, the gentle Cu De River suddenly becomes animated because dozens of boats are decorated as a forest of colorful flowers riding on the water to rocket forward.

   When ending the competition, the winning team sings happily, the losing team regret and determine on winning in the following festival.
In recent years, Lien Chieu district has been interested in maintaining traditional culture activity on the Cu De River. From spontaneous activity in the past, nowadays; local government has hosted the festival, and they also invite the boat team in other localities to compete. This contributes to making the festival more exciting and animated.

Boat Racing Festival is unique and characteristic beauty of the people living at the river. It creates Vietnamese culture that everyone away remembers.

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