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Can a foreigner have a clear title to a motorbike?

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Post on: 04/28/2013 02:19 PM
Register: 04-07-2013
Topic: 4 - Posts: 9
I always thought that a foreigner couldn't have a title on a motorbike, at least if they have just a tourist visa. Now, I've heard that you can purchase a motorbike and have it registered in your name. So, I'm confused - did the law change and I didn't hear about it? Or is this incorrect, and foreigners can not own motorbikes? In the past, I thought that foreigners needed to have the papers in a Vietnamese person's name. I have a friend who was planning to buy a motorbike and take it to Laos, which is why this came up. I would think that he'd have problems importing it (especially as he has no Vietnam driver's license), but was wondering about the paperwork, too.  Thanks in advance!

Post on: 06/04/2013 12:53 AM Register: 12-14-2012
Topic: 28 - Posts: 34
I found this on another forum - hope it helps:

 Under the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article 3 of the registration authority and the 2.2 paragraph 2 of Article 7 of the vehicle registration records of 36/2010/TT-BCA Circular dated 12.10.2010 of Ministry of Public Security, foreigners have the rights to register their vehicles in Vietnam under the following conditions:
* Foreigners working on diplomatic assignments, consulate, international organizations
* Foreigners living and working in Vietnam for more than 1 year

After buying the vehicle, you can register it as follows (Circular No. 36/2010/TT-BCA):
* Registered Office: Police Department where you reside (under paragraph 2, Article 3, Circular No. 36/2010/TT-BCA).
* Documents required (in accordance with Article 7 of Circular No. 36/2010/TT-BCA) included:
+ Vehicle registration certificate.
+ All vehicle documents

If you are a foreigner working on diplomatic assignments, for consulate, international organizations: the diplomatic identity card or the likes are required in this case

If you are foreigners working and living in Vietnam: valid passport or the likes, permanent resident card/temporary residence card for one year or more, and work permit.

+ Vehicle documents: contract, invoice etc.

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