Amadora Spa

250 Ba Trieu Street, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

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Directions: 2 blocks south of the French Embassy and 2 blocks north of Tran Nhan Tong Street

Description: Located in age-old Ba Trieu Street, next to the busiest shopping centers in Hanoi, AMADORA Wellness & Spa is an ideal place to stay for you and your beloved ones to start enjoying beautiful life, wallowing in sublimate moments of the authentic Spa arts. The processes designed for AMADORA Wellness & Spa constitute a journey for mind, body and spirit. The goal of the journey is to come back to the pleasant sense of peace and tranquility, satisfying anyone’s aspiration hidden in their deep soul. Built with 5 floors including 14 Spa rooms designated for skin care, 2 rooms for hair treatment, 1 multi-functional water based treatment pool, several Turkish Hamam style sauna rooms, an elegant consultancy area, AMADORA will lift you out of the busy life and bring you to a tranquil world with splendid relaxing moments. Inspired with Champa culture heritage, architectural and interior designs of AMADORA Wellness & Spa represent the glory of the artistic Champa style. Crossing all cultural and religious boundaries, Champa art in the design of AMADORA Wellness and Spa conveys strong emotion, creating a profound emotive feeling for the soul, awakening the aspiration of departing for a new life.

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