The American Center Hanoi

1st Floor, Rose Garden Tower, 170 Ngọc Khánh, Hà Nội, Dong Da, Hanoi

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Directions: closer to corner of Giang Vo street and Lang Ha street, across from a large convention center and on the same side of the street, and one building up from the Vinashin finance Building.

Description: The American Center maintains a rich reference collection in the form of books, e-books, journals, DVDs, iPads and electronic databases, as well as U.S. Government information resources many of which have been translated into the Vietnamese language. The American Center also hosts interesting, engaging and fun programs throughout the month designed to help the public understand more about the U.S. and improve their English skills. Events include English clubs, topical speaker programs, debate clubs, book clubs, parties and much more. Anyone with an ID card may enter the AC to use reference resources and to participate in events for the public. All AC services are free of charge and we welcome visits by government officials, academics, journalists, students, young professionals, the business community and any others interested in information about the United States

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