Kebab Haus 1.2.3

18 Ta Hien Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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Directions: North of Hoan Kiem Lake near the intersection with Luong Ngoc Quyen Street.

Restaurant Type: Sit-down restaurant

Opening Hours: Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Evening

Speciality: Doner Kebabs

Average Price Per Person: 60,000 - 150,000

Take Away: Yes

Delivery: Yes

Description: Kebabs and Turkish Halal food. Open 10 am to 10 pm Tuesday through Sunday and 10 am to 2 pm on Mondays.

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10 reviews

Not that good.
forum-er reviewed Kebab Haus 1.2.3 about 05/01/2013 09:31 PM 6.0
We ordered 2 doner with fries and salad and one doner sandwich. Cost 180,000. So that is not so bad I suppose. It took over 40 minutes for the delivery from the north part of Hoan Kiem to the eastern edge of Hoan Kiem. There was a styrofoam tray with some meat shavings, cole slaw/cabbage and a small portion of frozen french fries. It was all kind of mushed together and slopped over with ketchup (I hate ketchup). A lot of the meat was too tough to chew and it tasted like it was just getting ready to turn bad. In their defense, it was 1 May, so they probably did not have their best people working.

I probably won't try them again.

Visited May, 2013

Atmosphere (Not Applicable)

7 reviews

Wouldn't order again
hanoiexpat reviewed Kebab Haus 1.2.3 about 05/01/2013 09:35 PM 6.0
I haven't been to this restaurant, but had food delivered from them today. You can order from all the online ordering websites in Hanoi. We ordered 1 doner kebab and 2 doner kebab plates (came with fries and salad). I can't say that any of it was remarkable enough to ever order again from these folks. For starters, the food came about 15 minutes later than we were promised - 45 minutes total - and the driver couldn't find our building, even though it shouldn't have been difficult given the directions we had given on the online form (and there are a lot of expats in this neighborhood who order food delivered, so I think that most delivery drivers would have no difficulty finding it.)

When the food arrived, we opened up the containers to find a mess of lettuce, dressing, fries and ketchup all mixed together on top of a few chunks of meat, much of which was too tough to eat. I mean, presentation is really a good thing, and looking at this food really didn't do a thing for my appetite. It was a saucy mess of calories, that's about it.

I think I might have felt a little more charitable if they had at least separated the food out and let me add my own ketchup and dressing, but as it was, it looked pretty gross. And by the time the driver finally found us, everything was at room temperature, too - no big deal for the salad and meat, but the fries should have been hot. Husband thought the meat tasted old, too.

Anyway, that was our first time and last time ordering with these guys. The doners that we can find on the street cost less and are a much higher quality.

Visited May, 2013

Atmosphere (Not Applicable)

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