Kitchen Art Store

38 Quang An Street, Tay Ho, Hanoi

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Directions: Heading north on Xuan Dieu Street, take the first left past Al Fresco's. Location is a few hundred meters down the street opposite West Lake.

Description: Kitchen Art is a little haven for all foodies, cooks and bakers to grow their love and passion for cooking and baking. Come to Kitchen Art Store to buy restaurant-grade tools & ingredients to cook like a chef, take part in our regular demonstrations and workshops at the Studio, or simply read and relax at our cookbook cafe corner while enjoying the peaceful West Lake view. At Kitchen Art, everyone with a love for cooking is welcome and part of a big family. The warm & helpful Kitchen Art staff will always be there to help you with your kitchen needs, and consult you on recipes and techniques if necessary. Our mission is to bring you more enjoyment and success in your own kitchen, and of course, better dining experience at home.

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