Hanoi International Theatre Society (HITS)

, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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Directions: Contact them by email for information and location.

Description: The Hanoi International Theatre Society (HITS), a non-profit group, brings together theatre enthusiasts and those keen to ‘dabble’ in theatre to explore creative expression and drama as both a leisure and community development activity. As an organisation, we are committed to performances that are enjoyable and fun for all – cast, crew and audiences alike – yet also striving for professional quality. Community theatre, at its best, both draws from and gives back to the local community. HITS seeks to add to and diversify the cultural geography of Hanoi and to address some of the funding issues experienced by small independent charities and arts groups through the medium of theatre. Our membership consists mainly of expatriates living and working in Hanoi; many of our members work in the voluntary sector and all of our members donate their time to HITS voluntarily.

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