Ma Maison

6 Nam Ngu Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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04 3942 4475

Directions: 1 block east of the train station on Nam Ngu Street.

Description: Small grocery and wine store with a selection of hard-to-find imported wines and groceries, mainly from Japan and Europe.

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Some unusual items here
tumbleweeds reviewed Ma Maison about 05/28/2013 08:51 AM 8.0
We were on our way back from eating out when we happened to pass this place and checked it out. The front of this smallish store has mainly imported foods from Europe and Japan. I was surprised to see Knorr spaghetti sauce mix here - didn't know that was sold anywhere in Vietnam. Also Kikkoman soy sauce, some other Japanese sauces, and they'll prepare some salads (smoked salmon, Nicoise, etc) for takeaway. They also have foie gras. They have a good selection of wine in the back of the store. I looked around but didn't buy anything, so I can't speak to their prices, but I expect I'll be back next time I feel like cooking something at home or want to pick up some good imported wine. The owner was closing up when I got there, but was happy to stay open and offered her help, which was a definite plus for this reviewer. So, it isn't a large supermarket, but I was surprised to see what they stocked here - definitely some items that I've not seen in other grocery stores in this city that specialize in imported foods. It's near the train station and just a few meters past Hai Ba Trung Street - easy to miss if you're driving.

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