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29 Ta Hien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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0913 517 621

Directions: Located in Ta Hien street. Between Luong Ngoc Quyen street and Hang Bac street. It's a 5min distance walk from Hoan Kiem lake.

Description: It's located near Hoan Kiem lake. A friendly couple is running this shop. Communication shouldn't be a problem. Rental fee depends on the type of motorbike. Automatic's are usually more expensive than manual motorbike. You can also rent bicycle for lower price. If you wannna go around Hanoi like the locals renting a motorbike is more ideal. Don't forget to use 'Helmet' and 'Mask'. Enjoy your journey!!

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freshman reviewed Motorbike & Bicycles - For Rent about 01/12/2013 10:58 AM 10.0
You can find many shops about motorbikes and bicycles for rent in Ta Hien street. The first time I came there when I was the totally new in Hanoi. I rent an Attila because I don't know driving the gear motorbike (shame on me!:(). The awesome woman guided me how to survive in Hanoi street. Thanks to her, I survived till a young policeman called me for some problems. He cannot speak English, and I cannot speak Vietnamese. We cannot communicate to each other. So I had to call to the awesome women (I dont remember her name) for the problem. She asked me to wait there a little bit. When she came, I was so happy that it seemed my tears were overflowed. I knew that I'm not alone in this busy capital. The amazing women explain something to the policeman and he was so nice. He released me after that. Maybe because I am new here, so he sympathized for me.

After that time, I feel thankful to this amazing woman. I went to her shops several times for thanking, chatting, and renting. Now I buy a second hand motor, but we are still good friends. I always introduce my friend come there to support the amazing women.

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