Huong Mai Cafe

15 Hang Manh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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Directions: Northwest of Hoan Kiem lake. Going straight from Ly Quoc Su Street, you will be on Hang Manh Street where it is located. It is next to the Hong Ngoc hotel and across Golden Land hotel.

Description: Coffee shop specializing in "Weasel Coffee," Kopi Luwak, Blue Mountain Coffee, Highlands coffee and organic coffee.

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freshman reviewed Huong Mai Cafe about 01/09/2013 04:41 PM 1.0
I heard about Huong Mai cafe on Internet as the only cafe in Hanoi has weasel coffee. I saw that it received many good reviews, so I tried to come there once. The view is quite simple than many cafes in Hanoi such as Maxx cafe or Bao Oanh cafe. But if you come here, it will be the true taste of coffee that you should try.

I dont like coffee much, because of its bitter. I also think that coffee is not good for skin. But when I went there and tried having coffee, I changed my mind. The smell of coffee here is so awesome. I am afraid of bitter, so I added a little bit sugar. Everything comes easily. I choose the weasel coffee. I had to wait a few minutes for the coffee. In that time, I saw the sightseeing around. People seems so busy in the noisy life. It is quite opposite from the atmosphere here, so quite and tranquil. I felt forgetting businesses in my work.

I dont know much about coffee, but I like the smell and the freshness of my cup of weasel coffee. Anyway, you can buy a package of coffee there if you feel like the taste of coffee at Huong Mai. There have paper bag and steel bag for your choosing. There also have many kinds size that suitable to your demand: 500gram, 250gram, and 100gram.

Beside weasel coffee, there have other kinds of coffee such as robusta,blue mountain, etc. But I did not try, so I cannot give the review. Hope to have other chances coming back there and have the interesting experiences.

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