Nam Ngu Hotel

34 Nam Ngu street,, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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Description: Ancient Nam Ngu street, with its own beauty that is compared with the noble and gentle beauty of the Ha Thanh lady, is coyly situated in the centre of Hanoi city. The street still keeps the beauty of an old Hanoi culture and image on which Ariva Nam Ngu Hotel is appeared as an elegant and luxury pearl beautifying the charming of the street. Ariva Nam Ngu Hotel has over 60 spacious, full of light rooms with ancient Oriental-style design. Furthermore, the pattern are carved precisely on natural wooden furniture in accordance with refined curtains and pure silky bed draft will make you easily fall into sweet and peaceful sleep. But the best of all, which makes you hardly to forget whenever you come to Ariva Nam Ngu Hotel, is the Vietnamese cultural beauty in each hotel staff service style. Welcome to Ariva Nam Ngu Hotel and give us the pleasure of serving and offering you the different experience as well as the real value for your each vacation or business trip

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