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101D1 Tran Huy Lieu, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

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Directions: On the south side of Giang Vo Lake.

Description: The good coffeeshop with many kinds of beverage

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wanderer reviewed Maxx cafe about 01/09/2013 04:31 PM 1.0
I went to Maxx cafe in rainy day. I found it on my way so I came. I sit in the down-stair. This coffee shop also has the 2nd floor, but at that time I were there, it was building. I am not sure about the completion. If some one sits in the down-stair like me, I bet that you will be disappointed with the sightseeing. Nothing is interesting outside the cafe.

I came there in summer, so I ordered ice-cream, and my friend had an orange smoothie. It was awesome. I asked and the staff said that they are Italian ice-cream. You should choose the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. I ordered three kinds and then the staff gave me the boat that concludes three things. I think it is so cute. I mixed three things together, it is great.

The orange smothie is so tasty, too. I went many cafes in Hanoi, but they have only orange juice, not smothie. Only in Maxx cafe, I found the orange smothie, and it gave me the great experience.

I like the sun-flower seed. Luckily, they are also displayed in each table. There have air-dried beef also. I asked the staff to give me the dishes. They served me so fast.

I turned back Maxx cafe in another day. This time is for lunch. There have many food for lunch. I choose pasta. Hmm.. Actually I dont like much, but it is no problem, because Maxx is not the restaurant. It is the cafe, so the pasta is acceptable.

There have two things that Maxx cafe make me upset. First, the staff cannot speak English. When I tried to explain, they could not understand. They had to call for the manager who can speak English to communicate with me. Secondly, the TV is actually annoying. Many advertising programs appears on TV and it is quite noisy. Sometimes the staff turns on a film on HBO or StarMovie, but the signal is jammed so much.

Anyway, I still love Maxx Cafe thanks to its awesome ice-cream and orange smothie.

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