8 Pham Ngoc Thach, Dong Da, Hanoi

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Directions: Pham Ngoc Thach street is between Chua Boc street and Xa Dan street. 50m distance from Starbowl and behind the bus stop.

Description: Unimart provides imported foods from Japan. Fresh vegetables, seafood, Japanese beer and Sushi. There's also small Kmart which means Korean mart, you could find some Korean foods too. Living things are on second floor.

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wanderer reviewed Unimart about 01/11/2013 05:33 PM 7.0
I am usually buy goods in this supermarket. This one includes many kinds of Korean and Japanese material as well as food. I spent time finding the seaweed in many supermarkets in Hanoi, but I only found the hopeless. Only in Unimart I can find this one that suitable for my dishes.

The staff is so good when I came and they guide me in enthusiasm.

Unimart is quite small so I think that it has less products than others, such as Fivimart or BigC. But if you truly find something from Korea or Japan, it is the great place for you.

Only thing I want to give feedback to the supermarket's manager is the cashiers. They find difficulties when I cannot speak English. It is better if they could speak a little bit English.

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