Time City Hanoi Building

Minh Khai street, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

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Directions: Minh Khai, Kim Nguu

Description: Time City Hanoi Building on the idea about a modern urban with Eco-friendly architecture style of Singapore island country, Times City is a luxury and high class combination - where you and your family can enjoy life of comfort, peace. With total area of up to 364.500m2, divided into several functional areas including: luxury apartments system, high-end retail center, giant park and entertainment, restaurants system; the biggest aquarium in Hanoi; unique indoor skating rink; general hospital, 5-star hotel; schools, international standard kindergartens; string of green parks and lakes; modern nourishing garden..., Times City became an important factor, wake up potential and contribute to change the face of south area of the capital and bring your family a young, modern and perfect living space. Location Located in main southeast gateway of Hanoi, very near Vinh Tuy bridge and connected to the city center by modern highway system, Times City has the most prime location in the region. The appearance of Times City with a series of modern works like a new vatality, create new look for "dia linh nhan kiet" homeland. Utilities Green park Green campus wide 100.000 m2 and a sky garden system on roofs of the buildings were designed and arranged in harmonious to bring residents of the green space, airy and peaceful. VinMec international hospital With 500 rooms, comfortable, luxurious and high technology, VinMec hospital promises to become a trust address for the people. International schools

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