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2/275 Bo De Str. Long Bien Hanoi, Long Bien, Hanoi

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Description: We are a professional service provider for your house and daily needs. We understand about the busy life of an active family in Vietnam and we are here to ease you of all the laborious little tasks of life. We provide the following services : - Housekeepers - Nannies - Babysitting - Cooks / Party cooks - Handymen - Tutoring - Gardener - Baby Sitter - Animal Keeper & Dog Walker - Elder Care - Private Sport Coach - Home makeup / beautician We also provide emergency service 24/7 for your A/C, plumbing, locksmith and electrical problems because we know that there is nothing more stressful than have those kind of emergencies and don't know where to ask for help. All our staff are certified professional with solid references. We only work under contracts for both parties. Whatever your needs don't hesitate to contact us

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