36 Au Trieu Street, Old Quarter , Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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Directions: About 30 meters from the cathedral on the opposite side of the street

Description: A Coffeeshop that sells handicrafts made by ethnic minorities

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tumbleweeds reviewed Indigenous about 01/31/2013 03:25 PM 10.0
Nice little coffee shop just a few meters from the cathedral. Inexpensive latte, espresso, cappucino, etc. They have a couple of tables on the sidewalk and one table inside. Most of the indoor portion of the coffee shop is filled with handicrafts made by Vietnamese minorities, including some very nice ceramic cups and plates. You can also buy bags of coffee for take-out. It's a pleasant place and the staff speaks good English. I had a hot latte there for 35,000 VND - it was prepared well and served in a take-away cup, though I drank it inside. Would definitely return.

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