Nguyen Son Bakery

17A Phan Boi Chau Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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Directions: Located between Hai Ba Trung and Ly Thuong Kiet Street, not far from the railway station.

Description: More than just a bakery, this place carries a large range of fresh baked breads, cakes and pastries as well as confections, candy, some grocery items and packaged juices.

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One of the better bakeries in Hanoi
hanoiexpat reviewed Nguyen Son Bakery about 05/27/2013 06:33 PM 9.0
Not just one of the better bakeries, but this one is very large and sparkling clean, too. There is room enough to wander around and look at all the good stuff without feeling crowded or rushed. And there's a lot of good stuff to look at, too! Lots of fresh-baked breads, a large assortment of cakes, pastries and little snacks - cookies, almond bark, meringues... and then there's the chocolate department, with lots of imported chocolate - Ritter, Toblerone, Nestle, etc. And some groceries, too - they have a good assortment of juices not found in the usual grocery stores.

I got a cake there yesterday for the first time. The taste was excellent and from the freshness, it must have been baked very recently. Price was quite reasonable, too. The lady by the cake counter spoke pretty passable English - enough so I didn't have to try to attempt to bumble my way through my (depressingly limited) Vietnamese.

As far as the chocolate, as mentioned above, the selection is quite good. However, the prices are a bit steep. So, for convenience, this is a good place to stock up on sweets, but don't expect any bargains.

Their breads are good and again, very fresh. I haven't seen their kitchen, but I assume that they make this stuff up on the premises - or else, they get deliveries throughout the day, because everything that I've bought here has been very fresh, even still a bit warm from the oven.

I recently discovered this place, but now I've been there twice and am looking forward to returning. I like that it's a big enough place so I don't have to sharpen my elbows to browse, and the selection is very good. They have several branches in Hanoi - don't know about the other ones, but this one has earned a return customer.

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