Ao Ta

31 Huynh Thuc Khang, Dong Da, Hanoi

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093.368.1973 Website

Restaurant Type: Sit-down restaurant

Opening Hours: Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Evening

Speciality: Vietnamese, hot pot

Average Price Per Person: 150,000 - 300,000

Description: Come to Ao Ta, the customers are attracted not only by the warm space, original decoration of the North Coast countryside, but also by the various delicious dishes from all regions. Ao Ta attracts your step since the very first moments with the friendly greeting by love-duet youths on the terrace steps, the steamed rolled rice pancake cookers steaming, and the attractive smell of crab noodle, snail noodle … Following the murmuring waterfall, passing the traditional colored wooden door, on the red brick paved ground; you seem to return to a peaceful countryside among country girls in silk and smiles. The color of orange combined with brown wooden furniture in the restaurant brings warmness. The finesse is also shown in the combination between enameled ceramic bowls and Dong Ho pictures, which reminding about an ancient Hanoi - the civilized Thang Long. Ao Ta restaurant would like to greet you with Vietnamese original dishes which are full of honor, such as: Color crab noodle, field crab pincer steamed with eggs, etc. which is full of “flavor of origin”. We can absolutely be proud of Vietnam tradition with dishes which are simple but fine and nutritious. Aiming at “Raising the value of origin”, Ao Ta restaurant sends all spirits and pride on the nation into the dishes, placing the country food beside the international food. Open from 7h00’ to 22h30’ with nearly 30 choices for the morning, diversified menu for the lunch and interesting choices for dinner with relatives and friends.

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