Bach Mai Hospital

78 Giải Phóng, Dong Da, Hanoi

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Description: BMH has 1900 beds with 2 institutes, 8 centers, 21 clinical departments, 6 paraclinical departments, 9 functional departments, 1 nursing school and 3 other units. Providing medical services and emergency care at the highest level of Vietnamese medical care system Every year, BMH provides medical services for more than 900,000 out-patients and 100,000 in-patients. Many advanced techniques used through-out the world are being utilized: o Radiation imaging with PET/CT o Radio surgery with rotating gamma knife o Radiotherapy with intensity modulated radiation therapy o Gene therapy o Kidney transplantation o Intra vascular ultrasound o Intra-trachea-bronchial stent placement o Molecular biological diagnostic testing for infections (automated bacterial and viral identification test)

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