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No.8, Quang An Street, Tay Ho, Hanoi

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Description: We believe in providing our patients with superior and quality service, using the best quality materials and equipment available in the dental industry today. We are committed to provide you with comprehensive and quality dental care treatments, and to make you feel as comfortable as possible One Dental Clinic offers general dental services for patients of all ages. well as sinus lift and implants to name a few. Simple Tooth Extraction This procedure covers the removal of non-restorable teeth. Dental Implants / Implant We use titanium implants form Nobel Biocare, which are artificial tooth replacement that are surgically placed into the jawbones as substitute for natural tooth roots. Gingival graft Is a procedure whose combined aim is to cover an area of exposed tooth root surface with grafted oral tissue. This procedure is often used to increase the thickness of very thin gum tissue. Periodontal (Gum Diseases) Treatment of gum diseases and problems with tissues surrounding the teeth through non-surgical to minor periodontal surgical procedure. Our Hygienist will take the time to discuss and explain the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of wide variety of conditions, disorders and diseases affecting the teeth, gums and maxillofacial region. Our dental team will provide comprehensive oral health care service and consultation for children that include preventive maintenance, fluoride application, fissure sealants for kids. Tooth Scaling and Polishing This procedure covers that removal of tartar using ultrasonic scalers. For polishing we use Sirona Pro Smile, a powder solution with sodium carbonate, removing all stains. Tooth whitening Can significantly improve the appearance of dulled or discolored teeth in a single clinic visit. After your first session at our dental clinic, we provide a free whitening kit, for you to continue the whitening procedure in your home.

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