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1B Bac Son-Ngoc Ha, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

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VVOB Vietnam

Directions: Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance, Belgium - VVOB Room 307, A3 building, Thao Vien Guest house

Description: Basic education Our education programme takes place in five provinces in North and Central Vietnam. It aims to improve the quality of education by promoting the use of Active Teaching and Learning (ATL) methods. We are cooperating mainly with three partners: the Teacher Training Institutes (TTIs), Departments of Education and Training (DOET) and Woman’s Union (WU). In each of these institutes we are improving capacity at different levels: management, trainers and implementers (principals, teachers, college lecturers, club leaders and facilitators) and where possible we support the partner to reach the next level target groups (college students, club members being parents). Active Teaching and Learning. Career guidance One of the factors that contribute to the misfit between labor market demands and education output is the lack of proper career guidance and the lack of students choosing for vocational education. This programme targets career guidance in secondary education and the appreciation of the value of vocational education by communities. The aim is also to contribute to the improvement of the quality and relevance of vocational education in general secondary schools. This programme is working in two of the same provinces as the education programme and with the same partners, the Departments of Education and Training (DOETs) and Women’s Union (WU). Also the Provincial People’s Committees (PPC) and Departments of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs (DOLISAs) are closely involved to ensure relevance of the intervention, and coordination and integration with other initiatives.

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