Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Foundation

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Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Foundation

Description: Rosa-Luxemburg Sitftung as one of six political foundations of Germany supports partners in developing countries striving for social justice, strengthened public participation and economic development of their respective countries. As a foundation bearing the name of the left visionary Rosa Luxemburg, we are aimed to assist Vietnam’s smooth transformation process toward a socialist market economy focused on a just social development, a balanced economic development and a sound environment for this and coming generations Our Mission To act as a liaison office between Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung e.V. (Germany) and its Vietnamese cooperation partners; To provide regular support and assistance to its projects in Vietnam; To develop new projects together with Vietnamese partner organisations; To organize and implement activities such as civic education measures, capacity training measures, conferences, workshops, seminars and study tours according to the mission of the organisation To learn more about the development of Vietnam to enable RLS to contribute to a more adequate and differentiated picture of Vietnam among the German public

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