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Directions: 4th Floor, Side B, TOSERCO Building

Description: Vietnam is rapidly developing economically and socially – and has enjoyed declines in long-standing health challenges, such as malaria control. For example, the proportion of villagers with malaria parasites in their blood decreased from 42% to 4% over five years in the southern settlement of Phan Tien thanks to bednet programs and community-based health care services. However, rapid change delivers a host of new health challenges to the Vietnamese people, such as an escalating HIV epidemic. Additionally, many children have been left behind from economic-growth benefits – especially those of ethnic minority groups. One study found that more than 60% of those in majority ethnic groups such as the Kinh have access to sanitation, while only 16% of those in minority ethnic groups such as the H’Mong do. PSI/Vietnam’s mission, as restated in the five-year strategic plan, is to measurably improve the health of poor and vulnerable Vietnamese populations through evidence-based social marketing of health products, services, and behavior change communications in collaboration with the Government of Vietnam.

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