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53 Quang Trung Street, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

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Description: The Population Council is one of the few international NGOs in Vietnam whose focus is on research and research capacity building exclusively. Since the Council began working in Vietnam in 1989, the demand for new knowledge and capacity concerning health and population has grown dramatically as part of the country’s rapid economic and social development. The Council has formed close partnerships with government agencies and research institutions to create new practical knowledge, build organizational capacity, promote policy dialogue and informed discussion, and address critical population, family planning, and reproductive health issues. The Council’s work in Vietnam was first implemented in Bangkok, Thailand. In 1996, it received a representative status permit, the highest legal status for an international NGO operating in Vietnam, and opened an office in Hanoi. Program focus The Council collaborates with international and local partners to address Vietnam's national priorities by building new research capacity, expanding practical knowledge, and assisting evidence-driven implementation at the points where services meet people. The Council’s interim strategy for 2009–12 will continue to accelerate awareness of existing and future research results and ensure their consideration in the development and implementation of national health policies. During the past three years, the Council's work on poverty, gender, and health information systems began to gain importance as the government’s commitment to poverty reduction, gender equity, and health system strengthening has grown stronger. As part of this new strategy, the Council intends to reach out to current and emerging leaders in various fields, including returned Population Council fellows, to provide support for policy formulation, applied research, and establishing and maintaining a public forum in which issues related to gender, population, family planning, and reproductive health can be discussed.

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