Hellen Keller International

298 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

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Hellen Keller International

Directions: Room 103, Block B5, Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound

Description: It is estimated that one in five Vietnamese children has a type of refractive error and most are undiagnosed and untreated. What HKI Is Doing Helen Keller International has been supporting blindness prevention programs in partnership with the Vietnam National Institute of Ophthalmology (VNIO), also known as the National Eye Hospital in Hanoi, since 1990. We currently are piloting our refractive error program, ChildSight®, in fifteen of Kon Tum Province's primary and secondary schools. Refractive Error/ChildSight® The goal of this program is to improve the vision of children in Kon Tum Province by strengthening the ability of health personnel to provide pediatric eye care services. Local ophthalmologists train community health staff and teachers to screen, identify and refer children with eye health problems. Screenings are then organized in different schools each month. The trained teachers and health workers work together to organize the students, conduct the screenings and record results, noting those students who fail the visual acuity test. These students are then refracted by an eye doctor who visits the school the following week. After being refracted, students choose eyeglass frames from a wide selection and the doctor writes a prescription; both are sent to an optic shop where the glasses are assembled. Children who need eyeglasses receive them in their school within two to three weeks of the initial screening. Last year, 7,047 school children from 10 secondary and primary schools were screened; 1,706 students were refracted and 743 children in need received eyeglasses. Future plans include expanding the ChildSight® model to other districts in Kon Tum Province and also other provinces in Vietnam.

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