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#45 Yen Bai I, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

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Description: Global Community Service Foundation has been providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Viet Nam for more than a decade. Our projects began small—providing a water buffalo to a rural village, helping build a well to access safe water and donating computer equipment to a local school. We have taken major steps in the past few years to make a more substantial impact in Viet Nam communities. Some of our recent accomplishments include: Lions Club UVA miniQuang Tri, Viet Nam – In February 2012, GCSF partnered with Lions Club International and the University of Virginia School of Nursing on an eye care and basic health care mission to Central Viet Nam. The mission delivered eye care screenings, refractions and basic health care services. The group worked at the Vinh Linh Blind Facility — a facility built by GCSF thanks to the generosity of the Illinois Association of Ophthalmology, including Dr. Ron May — and a primary school in Khe Sanh. The mission is phase I of a multi-phase project to develop a fully outfitted eye care facility and training programs. Ta Long Commune, Viet Nam — GCSF and Boeing have partnered once again to provide educational opportunities for some of the neediest children in Viet Nam. The Ta Lao School, which was dedicated on December 8, 2010, offers the children of Ta Lao Village a safe environment to learn and play. Attended by 30 students in grades 3 through 5, the school includes two furnished classrooms, a teachers’ room, indoor toilets and access to clean water. GCSF and Boeing dedicated a school in A Vao Commune seven months ago. Phu Loc, Viet Nam — The Nuoc Ngot Orphanage Dormitory for hearing impaired children was dedicated on November 12, 2010. The children welcomed their benefactors with a small performance to thank them for their generosity. The sisters who run the orphanage also graciously accepted additional donations for beds, mattresses and a ball field.

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