Research and Technological Exchange Group

298 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

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Directions: Apt 307+308 Block A1, Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound-

Description: Founded in 1976, GRET is a French NGO fighting poverty and inequalities in the field and in policy. Its professionals intervene in a broad range of subjects to provide lasting, innovative solutions for fair development of professionals for fair development. Active in 30 countries in 2011, GRET has 12 permanent branch offices in Asia, Africa and Latin America. GRET acts on a range of 16 complementary themes that, together, contribute to the development of developing countries: climate change, international trade and trade negotiations, agricultural development and food security, urban social development and housing, drinking water and sanitation, energy, agrifood commodity chains and consumption, land tenure, information management and ICTs, natural resource management, media, microinsurance (health and agriculture), microfinance, nutrition, strengthening the actors of social change, and business development services, training and vocational insertion.

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