Hagar International

Au Co street, Tay Ho, Hanoi

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Description: Vietnam is a strong and proud Southeast Asian nation. More than three decades have passed since the Vietnam War and the country is fast becoming an economic success story in the region.But women and children often bear the brunt of Vietnam’s rapid growth and strong cultural traditions. Human trafficking and domestic violence are prevalent throughout the country and though there is a growing awareness of the magnitude of these issues, the lack of services for victims is severe.In Vietnam, Hagar takes a capacity building approach, working alongside government partner, the Women’s Union and other organisations. Through personal development workshops, art therapy, and case management services Hagar provides long-term support for some of Vietnam’s most traumatized and abused women. Women at Hagar in Vietnam gain skills, employment opportunities, and independence through Hagar and Hagar’s enterprise partner, Joma Bakery Café.

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