English Language Institute Vietnam

, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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English Language Institute Vietnam

Directions: Contact the ELI by email for directions

Description: "The people of Vietnam have such an eagerness and openness to meet foreigners and share their culture with us. They look into our lives with curious hearts wondering why we do things the way we do, why we make the choices we make, why we serve our spouses and spend time with our family. They wonder why we would give up the comforts of America to travel around the world and be away from our families, to receive only a little salary, just to be with them." — Jason Fizzard, ELIC Vietnam Country Director The resilient and engaging people of Vietnam have endured an amazing amount of adversity and are a remarkable example of letting go and moving on to the next chapter. This is a gifted people with warm hearts who have embraced the winds of change and are now a part of one of the fastest-growing economies in the region. With the recognized need for the English language, ELIC has the great privilege and opportunity to make a significant contribution to its modernization program. Like other recently open countries, Vietnam has embraced English as a way of entering into the international mainstream of the 21st century. In 1993 the Ministry of Education invited ELIC to send the first teachers to the country’s most prominent universities. Since that time we have been helping to advance and upgrade English education in universities across the country. We presently offer four compelling programs in Vietnam: University Teaching Program (university graduates through late 60s) Teaching Fellowship Program (university graduates through age 25) Summer Teaching Program (university graduates through late 60s; some current university majors) Engage Program (current university students; one-week vision trip to Hanoi following four weeks in Hong Kong SAR)

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