East Vietnam

3B Quoc Tu Giam, Dong Da, Hanoi

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East Vietnam

Description: EAST Vietnam is a Non Governmental Organization for International Solidarity, established in Vietnam since 1994. It is the Vietnamese branch of the French organization EAST (Eau Agriculture Santé en milieu Tropical, Water Agriculture and Health in Tropical Area). EAST’s head office is located in Paris. The global objective of EAST is to reduce endemic diseases caused by the consumption of unhealthy water and the lack of hygiene. In order to reach this objective, EAST Vietnam implements projects in rural and peri-urban areas, which provide populations with access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Our actions are completed by information and communication activities, which aim at improving hygiene behaviors. Our organization works closely with local Vietnamese authorities (communes, districts, provinces), and with provincial water and rural development services. EAST Vietnam also systematically encourages strong participation of the populations. EAST has established a branch office in Vietnam, in order to be closer to beneficiary populations. From there, the team is in phase with grass-roots realities. It enables EAST to conceive projects that respond perfectly to people needs, to supervise and readapt the activities every time it is necessary, and to assess the long-term effects of the projects.

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