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Nguyen Phong Sac Street, Cau Giay, Hanoi

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Directions: 6 floor, Intracom building, lot C2F,Handicraft soft Industrial Manufacturing area, Prolonged

Description: DKT International is a non-profit US charity headquartered in Washington DC and is a pioneer and leader in social marketing. It is the most cost efficient social marketing organization in the world. Its 11 programs in 12 countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America delivered annual contraceptive protection to 11.2 million couples during 2005. In Vietnam, DKT International is registered as a non-profit organization working through its representative office in Hanoi. The program began as a pilot in 1993 and has since grown to become a large-scale intervention covering all the 64 provinces and cities. The program supplements the public sector in scale—Up to now (May-2007) it delivered over 538.5 million condoms and 27.7 million oral contraceptives. The products are subsidized to create a safety net for the poor. The small price charged for the products prevents waste and induces the trade to stock and sell the products. The program provided contraceptive protection to 7,363,410 couples. Most of these couples bought their contraceptives from the 10,000 pharmacies and shops that stock and sell DKT Vietnam’s brands. Under international norms, this is estimated to have prevented 4,207,663 pregnancies, 142,057 infant deaths and 8,063 maternal deaths. In 2003, the program added a strong HIV/AIDS component to extend the social marketing of condoms to disease prevention and to use the experience of behavior change communication to promote safe sex. An important component of this project is to ensure availability of condoms in places where high-risk sexual behavior is common viz. hotels, massage parlors, and karaoke bars. DKT Vietnam works in close partnership with the Vietnamese government and with bilateral and multilateral donors. The program is implemented by a trained team of professional managers, all but one whom are Vietnamese. DKT Vietnam has access to the best practices in social marketing enabling it to develop competencies and skills locally.

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