Childfund in Vietnam

83A Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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Directions: Level 2, Phu Dien Building

Description: ChildFund in Vietnam works to achieve our mission through our integrated community development programs. Our activities are coordinated and planned with our partner communities at local and district levels to ensure our programs complement existing community and government activities and are designed with meaningful input from children and their communities. Our Access to Quality Education program helps children to realise their right to quality basic education achieved in a safe and stimulating environment. The program takes a holistic view of quality education which include the development of community assets such as schools, ensuring the schools provide a safe and healthy environment for children and also investing in teacher training and local level capacity development for our partners. Our Child Rights and Child Protection program works to amplify the voice of children and enable them to participate in decisions that affect them so they can grow up in a safe, supportive and enabling environment, protected from abuse, exploitation and injury. The program works to strengthen the role of children in their families and communities and also to develop the capacity for communities and duty bearers to ensure children can realise their rights. Our Building Strong and Resilient Communities works to support the development of children by ensuring their, and their family’s, health and their ability to withstand disasters. The program takes a holistic view of community development and includes projects from the water and sanitation, health and livelihood sectors as well as child protection activities and projects leading to disaster risk reduction and other activities that are identified by individual communities.

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