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298 Kim Ma street, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

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Directions: Room 211+212, D1 Building, Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound Map location is approximate

Description: BirdLife International in Indochina is a regional programme of the BirdLife Secretariat. BirdLife International in Indochina works to promote conservation in the Kingdom of Cambodia, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, the Union of Myanmar and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. BirdLife International took the step of establishing an Indochina programme to address global conservation priorities in a region lacking indigenous civil society. Our name was chosen to reflect the biogeographic region we cover, which is the Indochinese peninsula, also known as the Greater Mekong Region. BirdLife International in Indochina seeks to promote the conservation of habitats, sites and species by working with government and non-government partners to: Provide support for improved planning and management of important habitats, sites and species; Introduce and advocate new ideas for integrating biodiversity conservation into planning and policy; Stimulate greater public interest in birds and biodiversity, and awareness of the need for biodiversity conservation; Develop capacity for improved management of habitat, sites and species; and Provide information on biodiversity and protected areas to planners, policy makers and other interest groups.

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