No. 9 lane 52/28 To Ngoc Van Street, Tay Ho, Hanoi

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Description: KOTO stands for Know One, Teach One and reflects our belief that if you're in a position where you can help someone less fortunate, then you should help them and the greatest thanks you can receive is to one day see that person be in a position to do the same for someone else. KOTO staff are lucky enough to experience this everyday as we see trainees grow from timid, shy teenagers into young adults who are not only sought-after hospitality professionals, but also well-rounded, responsible community minded citizens ready to embrace the challenges that lie ahead. Experiencing this growth is thanks enough for our hard work. We have recently opened a new training centre, and restaurant, KOTO Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City, and it's so pleasing to see these founding philosophies so prominent in the hearts, minds and actions of the new team of staff and trainees. It's very exciting to see a new chapter in KOTO's story being written and I hope it's the first step towards establishing training centres outside of Vietnam. Thank you for your interest in KOTO. I hope you enjoy learning about KOTO and that one day you meet a graduate, trainee or staff member and experience the warmth of the KOTO family for yourself.

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