Singapore International School / KinderWorld International Kindergarten

No. 29 Road #3, Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh

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Directions: In the Trung Son Residential Area. Take Cau Him Lam Road to Road #3. Turn right. The school is about 5 blocks south of that intersection.

Description: KinderWorld Education Group has been offering high-quality international education in Asia since 1986. We believe that education should equip our students with the essential knowledge and skills needed for a technology-driven and globalized world and at the same time preserve and nurture the significant values and cultures of Asia in them. “Eastern Values, Western Education” is the main objective of our group. This is reflected in our unique curriculum, that integrates the best from the West and the East. We provide our students with a solid foundation to progress to universities of their choice in any country.

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