Grand Hotel Saigon

8 Dong Khoi Street , Ho Chi Minh

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Description: Grand Hotel Saigon- Your Warm- Friendly and Sweet Home. Built in 1930 and completely restored in 1997- nestled in Saigon scene riverside area and within walking distance to major commercial and entertainment addresses- and still retained its French colonial area style- provides a perfect base for conducting business or for having completely relaxed vacation At Grand Hotel- every guest will enjoy a well appointed room or a luxurious suite with plenty of room to live- to work or just to relax Our warm inviting atmosphere congenial staff and host of fine services help to make every stay a most enjoyable one Our philosophy is to satisfy our guest in every possible way from the first time. You only have to bring your self and time to relax and we make sure that your holidays and business travel will be comfortable. Therefore- we have tried to create here a place you are yearning to be. A place that is beautiful and comforting- where work and leisure take their proper places- where hospitality and friendship are flourished- where the qualities make life truly worthwhile. That is exactly the kind of life; in fact; that we try to evoke through our services at Grand Hotel So; it is why neither because of its perfect location- nor because of its elegant ambiance and premier service- people do come back the Grand just since here they are treated so well and courteous; that there is no choice but to return.

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