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Description: We want to give people the opportunity to develop their abilities and resources, and support them in taking responsibility for their own lives, the lives of their families and the development of their own local communities. Our work includes community development with components like education, healthcare, income-generating activities and livelihood. We work together with local authorities, organizations and communities to ensure that the target groups participate and have ownership to the projects. Wherever possible, The Mission Alliance cooperates with national evangelical churches and local congregations.The work is being funded through the Mission Alliance’s 30 000 supporters, and also by the Norwegian government, through NORAD. Our total budget is 95 million Norwegian Kroner (2009). The Mission Alliance emphasizes that the administration costs are kept at a sensible minimum, in relation to the amounts that are transferred to the projects. Our work in Norway has a loose structure, based on the initiative and dedication of our supporters. We encourage voluntary work, and for our sponsors to create meeting points and supporting groups.

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