Hideaway Cafe

41/1 Pham Ngoc Thach, District 3, HCMC, District 3, Ho Chi Minh

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Directions: Tucked away in a lane off of Pham Ngoc Thach, just south of Dien Bien Phu Street.

Restaurant Type: Sit-down restaurant

Opening Hours: Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Evening

Average Price Per Person: 150,000 - 300,000

Description: The menu was developed from one of the owners’ personal collections of recipes with a few twists of her own added in. The food is basically European in origin with plenty of pasta dishes and gourmet sandwiches but we have tried to keep these relatively light in nature to suit the tropical climate. If you’re in the mood for a simple but stirring pasta dish, a rocket salad with parma ham and mango, chilli salt squid, roast pumpkin and garlic soup or even an open clam sandwich with crispy garlic slivers and coleslaw, look no further than Hideaway. In keeping with this theme, our starters and soups include a number of cold dishes and are on the whole light but tasty, based mainly on fresh local ingredients (the main exception being beef which we insist on importing). Light may not be a word people use to describe our selection of English desserts which includes English trifle with caramel custard, sticky toffee pudding and bread and butter pudding. However, these delicious classics are not to be missed and hopefully will go some way to redeeming the poor image most people have of English cuisine. Enjoy and then pay for it with a good session on that hated stepping machine!!!

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