Loreto Vietnam Australia Program

PO.Box 715, District 1, Ho Chi Minh

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Loreto Vietnam Australia Program

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Description: Loreto Vietnam Australia Program (LVAP) is a registered international non-government organization (INGO) in Vietnam (Permit Number: AT151/UB-DA) dedicated to the reduction of poverty through beneficial, qualitative and responsive educational opportunities for underprivileged and disabled students. Since 1997, LVAP has reached out to over 10,000 children through our projects; giving them support in various forms to foster an encouraging learning environment. “Education is a means to an end. Since LVAP’s foundation in 1997 we have assisted innumerable children towards becoming indispensable within society. Accordingly, our mission is to offer openhanded service and educational opportunities for disadvantaged and disabled young learners in order to fit them for life by making them loved, valued and educated. In collaboration with community members, local authorities and generous donors/volunteers, LVAP exists to respond to the needs of children. We strongly believe that by doing this, we are not only empowering young learners but also enriching communities and most importantly giving to each and all the opportunities to attain sustainable development.”

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