Windbell Homestay Villa

Chau Trung, Cam Nam, Hoi An

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Description: * Located in Cam Nam - Hoi An - a village along the Thu Bon River is known for mussel/ steamed fish/ the green corn fields/ Areca gardens. Guests need only 10 minutes by acrossing a bridge to come to Hoi An - a world cultural heritage. From here you can also use a bicycle tour around the countryside of Hoi An and takes 40 minutes reach for Da Nang airport.* Windbell Homestay is a new style of accommodation at the local house. This is the new trend of sustainable/ responsible tourism. Here - visitors will feel to be closely welcomed/ friendly hosts. Guests will be living/ experience the atmosphere of a vietnamese original family of four generations/ learn the daily activities of family and participate in traditional ceremonies of worship/ Lunar New Year/ national holidays.* Guests staying at home will feel the value of the style of *slow living* in the quiet space/ tranquil garden of green vegetables by employers or tourists. Here - visitors can both read a book/ just enjoy the moments comfortable/ disengaged from traditional massage services in Vietnam with the aromatic herbs grown at the garden.

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