Sai Gon Mui Ne Resort

56 - 97 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien Ward, Phan Thiet

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Description: SaiGon Mui Ne Resort was awarded the 1st place award for architecture in the year 2000 by the Association of Vietnam Architects. The lovely SaiGon Muine Resort is situated in surroundings of privacy and quiet elegance. The hotel consists of rooms and bungalows set in a well kept 3.8 ha green gardens, leading down to the beach. Rooms are pleasant and stylish, located in a low rise buildings. Bungalows are set well apart in scattered pattern around the gardens. Spending your weekends or holidays in SaiGon Mui Ne resort, will provide you with time to swim and play water sports in the clean blue ocean or in the fantastic swimming pool. You can also play tennis or play some billiards, or just lay down by the sea to refill your energy, and maintain a calming healthful ambience that fully relaxes with the fresh ocean wind. The Consulates Chairmen has officially noted that, SaiGon Mui Ne Resort is a wonderful place to stop for a relaxing weekend, holiday or vacation. You can take a quiet walk to look at the splended garden or soak in the swimming pool after a hard week of work.

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